Dozens Of Farmers Came Together To Finish A Neighbor’s Harvest After His Heart Attack

If you work hard to pay your bills and put food on your table, there’s a high chance that you rarely want to miss a day’s work. After all, this could be the difference between paying your bill on time or falling into debt, and this could seriously affect your livelihood. This is especially true for farmers, who rely on themselves and themselves only to bring in their crops. However, when one particular farmer fell ill and had a heart attack, he didn’t have to worry about missing his shifts.

Dozens Of Farmers Came Together To Finish A Neighbor’s Harvest After His Heart Attack

The Farmer In Question

Lane Unhjem hails from Divide County, North Dakota and is a well-known worker within his community. After all, his family always helps people out, and they will always be there for their neighbors without asking for anything in return. Because of this, farmers in the local area were incredibly saddened when they learned that Lane had suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of his harvest. Not only were they concerned for his health, but they were also concerned that his turn would have a knock-on effect on his business.

Dozens Of Farmers Came Together To Finish A Neighbor’s Harvest After His Heart Attack

Lending A Hand

The farmers didn’t even need to think twice about what they would do next. A whopping 60 farmers stopped their own work to tend to his crops and finish Lane’s harvest, and they brought all of their tools along with them. Working on his fields were 15 semis, six grain carts, and 11 combine harvesters. They all worked tirelessly to bring in all of the Canola and Durum Wheat, as they didn’t want Lane to have to worry about anything while he was recovering. His family were extremely grateful, as this meant that Lane could truly focus on getting better after his terrible experience.

Although the world can seem pretty miserable sometimes, it’s fair to say that there are some good people on this planet. These farmers deserve a round of applause.

Clever Dog Communicates With Their Owner Through A Sound Board

Anyone who’s ever said that dogs aren’t smart might reconsider their stance after meeting Bunny. This sheepadoodle – yes, that’s a real breed – can communicate in English through use of a soundboard, proving that these animals are brighter than we often give them credit for. Meet this clever dog…

Learning A New Language

Talking is something we tend to take for granted, given it’s been years since we discovered how to do it. However, this form of communication is still very new to Bunny, as they’ve only been able to do it since last September. That was when their owner introduced them to a specially-designed soundboard which the dog could use to start learning English.

Inspired By Others

Alexis Devine, Bunny’s owner, was inspired to bridge the communication gap between her and her clever dog after viewing the work of Christina Hunger. This speech-language pathologist had made a sound board for her dog, which is what Devine then recreated for her own pet. After using that for several months, she teamed up with a cognitive scientist who hooked her up with the sound board that she and Bunny now use.

It’s All In The Repetition

Over the months, Bunny’s understanding of the English language has continued to grow. She now has 45 words on the sound board, which might not seem like much, but it’s pretty impressive given that dogs aren’t known for their speaking skills. Bunny learns what each word means through contextual clues provided by Devine. For instance, if she presses the button that says “outside,” Alexis then takes her outside. Repeating that enough times eventually helps Bunny to associate the sound with the action.

Being able to communicate with her dog has strengthened the bond that the two of them share, according to Devine. The sound board has brought a lot of joy and wonder into their lives, and we’re sure that will only continue as Bunny learns more and more new words.