Artist Creates Amazing Dresses From Everyday Objects

Edgar Artis, an Armenian fashion illustrator, specializes in creating stunningly beautiful fashion designs for dresses using everyday objects that he finds in his house. From pencil shavings, to ketchup and fries, to burnt matches, Artis has one of the most creative minds we’ve ever seen, and the ideas just keep flowing.

His Instagram account, which has gone viral, already has over 400,000 followers. If you’re not following him yet, we promise you that you won’t regret it. Look up “Edgar Artis” and prepare to be astonished. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this small sample of some of his amazing works of art.

1. Pencil Shavings


This piece is made up entirely of colored-pencil shavings, and it’s without a doubt the most beautiful use for pencil scraps we’ve ever seen.

2. Noodles


Remember when your mother told you not to play with your food? Well, forget that. Artis took his noodle dinner and made something amazing with it.

3. Green Beans


You may have always hated green beans, but Artis is giving them a second chance with this dress design. We’ve got to say, they’re looking much better now than they did on our lunch plates.

4. Match Sticks


Instead of tossing his burnt match sticks in the ashtray, the artist saw something other than garbage. This creation is smoldering hot.

5. Nuts And Bolts


Remember that bag of screws and washers that you have in the garage? Who would’ve thought that they could turn out to be so beautiful?

6. Strawberries


Does anyone else actually wish that they had this dress to wear in the summertime? Where can we get us one of these?

7. French Fries


This delicious design looks good enough to eat… except we won’t, because that would ruin the pure creative genius of this piece. How does it look so perfect?!