Student In His 90s Finally Graduates After Waiting His Whole Life To Attend College

Most people graduate from college just a few years after finishing high school. Not student Giuseppe Paterno, though. When he graduated in July 2020, he was 96 years young and one of the oldest students in existence. This moment was something he’d waited his whole life to do, and now he could finally scratch it off his bucket list.

It Was Never The Right Time

College was something that Giuseppe had always dreamed of. Unfortunately, growing up when he did meant that it wasn’t really an option for him when he was younger. Financial struggles at the time stopped him from receiving adequate schooling. Then, World War Two came along, and he spent his time serving in the navy. It wasn’t until he was 31 that Paterno graduated high school, by which point college seemed like nothing but a dream.

He Finally Made It Happen

Thankfully, the senior citizen never gave up hope that he might one day get to fulfill his educational passion. He finally enrolled in a History and Philosophy degree in 2017, realizing that it was “now or never.” As a man in his 90s, being a student definitely wasn’t the walk in the park he’d probably hoped for. However, compared to facing and surviving war, it was nothing. Even the current worldwide crisis couldn’t stop him from continuing his education and earning his degree.

First In His Class

Not only did Giuseppe complete his course, but he graduated first in his class with top honors. The senior citizen was commended by his sociology professor as being “an example for younger students,” with Paterno also being congratulated by the college’s chancellor. It was definitely a proud day for the man and one that he will cherish for the rest of his days.

Giuseppe’s success is proof that you can achieve anything that you set your heart to, no matter your age, background, or struggles in life.

Australia Sees a Rise in Trash Parrot Issues

When we see people going through trash, we can at least shoo them away. However, what would you do if you are living in a place where you had to deal with trash parrots. A suburban area in Australia has been having a tough time with some new guests that have been creating havoc in the vicinity. What is making things even worse is that these new neighborhood members are passing on a new trend to others as well.

Who Are Trash Parrots, and What Are They Doing Exactly?

The neighborhood members have been having a tough time as they are dealing with sulfur-crested cockatoos who have somehow learned to open trash cans. Not only do they do it themselves, but even other cockatoos are learning the same thing.

These birds are native to Eastern Australia and go by the scientific name Cacatua galerita. They are known to be highly social, live a long life, and are said to have large brains. The birds are also known for their intelligence and ability to learn new tricks.

How Did the Whole Thing Start?

The whole thing started when people across different parts of the country started posting videos wherein the birds were seen opening trash cans. Experts started noticing the trends and conducted their own observations and research about how this whole thing started. Since the birds would fly from one neighborhood to another, even the other Trash Parrots got the hang of the trick and carried it on.

Experts Still Have Their Eyes on the Birds

As per map-based analysis, the reports state that this practice may have started in faraway districts or areas and started spreading quickly. Nonetheless, expert eyes are still trying to figure out if this practice is more common in males or females cockatoos. Only time will reveal what exactly is going on and how it can come to an end.