American Soldier Becomes First Woman to Join the Green Berets

Since their inception in the ‘50s, the Green Berets has consisted solely of male operatives. However, that’s all changed now that a woman has graduated her training and become the first female member of the elite US Army task force.

Inclusivity For All

Inclusivity has long been an issue in the US Army. It was only a few years ago that women were allowed to engage in all combat positions in the military. Before 2016, certain branches were deemed men-only, with some people stating that this structure worked best. According to them, all-male squads were more effective in combat, so they were reluctant to embrace gender equality.

A Change Is Coming

Despite the opposition, female involvement in the US Army has grown steadily in recent years. The addition of a woman to the Green Berets means that the number of all-male branches in the military is almost down to zero. While this soldier – whose name is classified to protect her identity – might only be one drop in an ocean of men, her presence in the Special Forces is still notable. She now opens the door to other potential recruits who are just as skilled and worthy of the Green Berets as her.

Not The First

It’s important to note that while this soldier is the first female to join the Green Berets, she’s not the first to make their mark in Special Forces training. Back in 1980, Captain Kate Wilder was one of the more impressive students in the field. However, when it came time for her to graduate, she was refused. It wasn’t until she filed a discrimination complaint that she was welcomed onto the Special Forces. Thankfully, history didn’t repeat itself 40 years later.

Although this soldier may face some opposition as the first woman in the Green Berets, we expect she’ll prove she deserves her spot in no time at all.

A Restaurant In Central Texas Offers Free Meals for People In Need

While La Riv is another struggling restaurant in Texas, owner Vira Chudasma placed the community first and started offering free meals to people who ask for them. Together with her husband, daughter, and two chefs, Vira opened the restaurant during the unprecedented winter storm, offering a limited menu based on the items they had available.

Vira Chudasma Is Giving Back to the Texas Community That Has Supported the La Riv Over the Years

The La Riv Restaurant In Central Texas
A Restaurant In Central Texas Offers Free Meals for People In Need

In an interview, Chudasma said that she wanted to give back to the Texas community that has supported her three businesses during the past seven years. She made sure to post her free pasta meals offer on social media and was quickly overwhelmed with requests. In the interview, Vira remarked that because the community was backing her during the good times, she now had a kitchen full of supplies, so preparing free meals was the right course of action.

The Texas Restaurant Had Over 150 Orders In Just the First Two Hours

Free Meals Being Prepared at the La Riv
A Restaurant In Central Texas Offers Free Meals for People In Need

Less than two hours had passed since Chudasma made her offer on social media, but she already had over 150 orders. The people who needed food included families who have to feed ten or more people and single mothers who couldn’t explain to their children why there was no spaghetti available at the store. Currently, the La Riv offers a hot meal to anyone who needs one and is able to call the restaurant, no questions asked.

Chudasma wanted people to know that they are still offering free meals to those who need them. She has placed no limit on the orders and asks no questions. According to her, the hardships the community in Texas has been through recently are reason enough for her to help. She also said she knew how limited supplies were and that warm food was scarce, so she invited people not to hesitate to call her restaurant for a hot meal. Vira also said that she and her family are blessed and thankful for the community they live in and would give back any way they can.