6 Brilliant Hacks For Tennis Balls That You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Everybody seems to have at least a few tennis balls floating around their home, even if you’re not a tennis player. Who knows how they get to the backs of our closets and the corners of our kitchen counters, but they have a lot more use than you think.

So before you throw out those old green spheres, check out these brilliant life hacks for tennis balls that you’ve probably never even considered.

1. Prevent Scuff Marks


Worried about those folding chairs scratching your wood floor? Have no more fear, tennis balls are here! Use a box cutter to cut an “X” into the center of a ball, then insert each chair leg into a tennis ball to prevent scuffs.

2. Open Jars


There’s now a solution to those impossible to open jars. Behold, the tennis ball method: cut out an oval shaped piece of the ball, then use it to grip the edges of the jar and twist. Easy.

3. Hide Your Valuables


Need a secret spot for some cash or jewelry? No one will expect to look inside a tennis ball! Tennis balls are hollow, so you can just cut a small slit and place your valuables inside.

4. Fluff Up Your Laundry


To prevent your towels and linens from losing their fluffiness, just put a few clean tennis balls in the dryer. They’ll bounce around and pound some air back into your laundry.

5. Massage Sore Muscles


Sore muscles are the worst. You can pay hundreds of dollars for a physical therapist, or you can simply tape together a few tennis balls to massage the knots out of your muscles. Whatever works!

6. Memo-Holder


Do you find yourself losing memos or missing a photo holder at the office? All you have to do is cut a tennis ball in half and cut a slit at the top, and you have the perfect memo or photo-holder.