Sneaky Pictures Taken Of Area 51 Are Clearest Ever Taken

Area 51 has been a subject of mystery among conspiracy theorists and skeptics alike. People have wondered what occurs at the Air Force base, as it is shrouded in secrecy.

The belief is that following alleged contact with aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, the Air Force took the spacecraft and aliens themselves for study at Area 51.

Other theories even purport that the government uses the Nevada base to test time machines and other advanced technologies.

area 51

YouTube vloggers Tim and Tracey Doyle run a channel called UFO Seekers. They grew tired of not knowing what exactly was going on in the base, so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Because they don’t have top secret security clearance, the duo decided on the next best plan. They hiked the 8000 foot Badger Mountain, to the summit, Tikaboo Peak. Badger Mountain is right next to Area 51.

With a super zoom lens, they were able to capture some of the clearest images of the secretive site to date.

tim ufo seeker

The trek to the top of the mountain was not easy– they went as far as they could with a 4×4 SUV, and then had to hike for a long time to reach the top.

Tim and Tracey spotted a security camera in the scraggly woods and alleged that the military was watching them. When they finally got to the top, they were able to use their technology to see cars and SUVs driving around the base.

cars area 51

The government says they tested stealth bombers there in the past. However, many believe this is simply a cover-up, which hides weather-control technology.

Whatever is going on there, we will need more video to find out. But now we know that it’s possible to spy on the base from the mountain. Soon enough, the truth will be revealed.