Tyler Perry Heads to Senior Shopping Hour & Picks Up Everyone’s Tab

Tyler Perry is a well-known movie mogul who often makes national headlines due to his acts of kindness and good samaritan life aside from his movie premiers. His generosity is exactly what the world needs all the time, not just when it is in a time of instability and extreme uncertainty. His most recent act of kindness was helping out the senior shoppers in the grocery stores.

Tyler Perry Pays Grocery Tabs During Senior Shopping Hour
Tyler Perry Heads to Senior Shopping Hour & Picks Up Everyone’s Tab

An Anonymous Benefactor for Senior Citizens

During the ongoing pandemic crisis and its many regulations, senior citizens have a reserved hour in most grocery store locations across the country to do their shopping with some extra isolated safety. As thousands of senior shoppers browse the supermarket aisles in Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana, they were shocked to hear that all of their groceries had been paid for as soon as they got to the counter.

The store clerks were telling the elderly shoppers that their groceries were paid for by the “Atlanta Angel”. Perry paid for groceries for every single shopper that participated in Senior Shopping hour at 29 Winn-Dixie locations and 44 Kroger locations.

At first, the donor’s identity was kept a secret. However, supermarket management was able to confirm later that it was Tyler Perry.

Happy seniors shopping
Tyler Perry Heads to Senior Shopping Hour & Picks Up Everyone’s Tab

Felix Turner, Kroger’s Atlanta spokesman mentioned that he would like to join the customers in thanking Tyler Perry for his generosity and kindness during this time. He also mentioned that it was a great pleasure to see the senior customers filled with joy and gratitude as they were told the news about their groceries.

Other Acts of Kindness

Tyler Perry often takes part in “random acts of kindness.” This act was only a few days after he had left $500 tips for all 42 servers at one Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, who are out of work. His total ended up being $21,000 for this particular act.