This Restaurant Is Using Pandas to Help People Feel Less Lonely When Social Distancing

The world is currently trying to get back onto its feet after dealing with the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that things can go back to normal. Visiting friends and family and even visiting restaurants and cafes will never be the same again, and many people are struggling to get used to this “new normal.” However, there are many restaurants across the globe who are trying to help people understand this new world — and this particular restaurant is using pandas.

This Restaurant Is Using Pandas to Help People Feel Less Lonely When Social Distancing

Taking Its Toll

Covid-19 has taken a serious toll on the restaurant industry, and while many eateries across the globe have closed their doors for weeks and even months on end, some are now trying to get their businesses back up and running. Maison Saigon in Thailand is one of those restaurants trying to do that, as they want people back under their roof and tasting their delicious Vietnamese cuisine. However, they are not ignorant of the fact that many people are still wary about leaving their houses and eating out. Thankfully, they have come up with a genius idea to make people feel comfortable.

This Restaurant Is Using Pandas to Help People Feel Less Lonely When Social Distancing

Sitting With Pandas

In fact, their idea serves two different purposes. To ensure that their customers are socially distanced from each other, they have placed adorable stuffed pandas on various chairs around the restaurant to make sure that people aren’t getting too close to each other. These pandas take up space so that the restaurant doesn’t get overcrowded, but they also serve as companions to those who may feel lonely being so far away from their friends, family, and other customers. After all, who wouldn’t want to eat their noodles while sitting in front of a cute and cuddly panda?

It’s genius ideas like this that will help the world get back on its feet after a tough few months.

Women Reunited With Sons and Husband Trapped in California Wildfires

California has seen a strong heatwave in the year 2020 and it led to a series of wildfires starting in August, some of which are ongoing. As husband, Joe, and two sons were trapped in the wildfire, wife and mother, Lisa Ebright, awaited their safe return. The family was happily reunited as the boys were evacuated from the location unharmed.

An image of the California Wildfires A Mother’s Prayers Were Answered

While Joe and his two sons, Dominic and David, were out camping on their annual Labor Day trip that had become a sort of family tradition, they were trapped in the area by the Creek Fire. When they first got word of the wildfires spreading in their direction, Joe said that it was already getting late and no smoke could be seen in the surrounding areas. They decided to go to sleep and leave in the morning. In the meantime, the wildfires raged throughout the night and come morning, the family found that the area they were in was surrounded by thick smoke. Joe said to the reporters that, at that time, they didn’t know exactly how big the fire was nor its exact location. As the evacuation efforts began, the boys claimed that their spirits were kept up by the resort community that they were with, as there were prayers, food, and a lot of support.

Three concerned women California Wildfires Rage On

Because they had no way of communicating during that crucial period, Lisa was up all night awaiting their return. Luckily, this family’s story ends happily with a heartfelt reunion that was reported by the news. However, the California wildfires are ongoing and millions of acres of land have already fallen victim to this catastrophe. The Creek Fire that expanded in the Big Creek drainage area temporarily trapped hundreds of campers near the Mammoth Pool Reservoirs. Joe explained that he was concerned about what his wife, Lisa, must be going through, waiting for their return without a way to communicate with them. He also said that they could only grasp the severity of the wildfires once they were back home, seeing news reports and how the situation was affecting numerous families.

Lisa hugging her husband and sons after reuniting with them