Revealed: The 9 Most Common Dreams And What They Mean

Why do some people remember their dreams and others have zero recollection? What does it mean if you wake up in a cold sweat or imagine talking to a deceased relative during the night? Some people believe that your dreams are a way of sorting thorough events that have occurred throughout your day, while others claim there are deeper meanings. Psychologists have been discussing these questions for decades and although the answers are debatable, we’ve got the top 9 dreams decoded for you.

Walking Into An Empty Room

Different rooms inside a building or home can be representative of aspects of your character. If you find yourself walking into an empty or unused room it can be a sign that you are about to discover a new talent or strength inside yourself.


Behind The Wheel Of An Out Of Control Car

Just like a car has the ability to move you forward physically, it can also represent a metaphorical progression. The fact that your car feels out of control might mean you don’t have enough confidence in your ability to handle situations. Try relaxing your grip and allow for your instincts to guide you in decision making.



Falling means what you would it expect it to mean, loss of control and fear. In your daily waking life you might be holding on to something too tight and risking your personal well being. Falling in your dreams is your subconscious telling you to relax and let go. Losing control doesn’t have to be terrifying, trust your instincts.


Soaring In The Sky

Transforming into a bird or experiencing flight is generally a positive sign. Flying means you feel like you’ve released yourself from negative circumstances and have risen above your obstacles.


Unprepared For An Exam

Showing up for an exam unprepared indicates you are questioning your performance in life. You might be extra critical of a recent decision or judging yourself harshly. Your goal should be to congratulate yourself for small victories instead of constantly rating your performance.


Public Nudity

Just like the popular adage says, “Clothes make the man” and your clothing may appear as an extension of your public image. Dreaming about being publicly exposed can signify a feeling of vulnerability or insecurity.


Inability To Find A Restroom

A dream where you find yourself searching for a toilet to no avail might mean some of your fundamental needs aren’t being met. You might not be expressing yourself fully or taking on other peoples concerns or needs over your own – time to look out for number one.



Teeth are a sign of confidence and power so if you imagine them falling out chances are you’re facing a troublesome situation. Perhaps you’re unsure of your next step in life or your self confidence took a hit recently, try to calmly approach the situation and don’t lose your head over it.


Being Chased

Running away from something seems pretty obvious to us. Being chased in your dreams might mean there is a problem you want to confront but don’t know the best way to do it.Your pursuers are simply drawing your attention to a need that can’t be ignored.