One Woman Set up a Feeder Cam in Her Yard and the Pictures Are Amazing

If you have a yard, there’s a high chance that you love to look out of your window and see beautiful wild birds flying around. However, it can be hard to entice these wild birds to your feeders, your bird baths, or even to the trees for them to make their nests. Because of this, many bird lovers find it difficult to capture these beauties on camera. One woman decided to set up a feeder cam in her yard to see if she could combat this problem, and the pictures are absolutely incredible.

A Wonderful Hobby

Everyone has their own hobbies, but for Lisa – who goes by the name of Ostdrossel – her hobby is watching wonderful birds fly around her home and around the natural world. As someone who also loves to take photos, Lisa often tried to capture the beauty of wild birds on her camera, but she soon realized that this wasn’t easy. The birds kept flying away as soon as she whipped out her camera, and she just couldn’t get close enough to them without them getting spooked. In the end, she knew that she needed a different tactic.

Setting Up The Feeder Cam

In order to get up close and personal with these birds, Lisa decided to attach a small camera to her bird feeder, allowing her to capture the beauty of these birds without having to take the photos herself. As a German native who moved to the United States, Lisa wanted to explore the wildlife that her new country had to offer, and she was astounded by the results. Not only did she get to see birds that she had never seen before, but she also got to check out their amazing colors and feathers, and even check out the local squirrels as well.

If you love birds as much as Lisa, making your own feeder cam could be a great idea.