Couple Celebrates 50 Years Together By Wearing Wedding Clothes From 1966

We’re not sure what’s harder – fitting into the clothes you wore fifty years ago or keeping up a happy and healthy marriage for a half-century? Well, Jim and Carole-Ann Stanfield did both.


One day, Jim and Carole-Ann’s granddaughter, Hayley, said that she wanted to see some old family photos of the couple. Jim, now 71-years-old, went to find the old photo albums, but he ended up coming back with something entirely unexpected. Instead of pictures, Jim found the couple’s wedding clothes from fifty years prior. Hayley pleaded for her grandparents to put them on. After some convincing, the two grandparents eventually agreed to try, but with little hope that the clothes would actually fit. The end result astonished everyone – somehow, the clothes fit both of them perfectly.


After this miraculous discovery, Hayley decided that she wanted to throw her grandparents a party to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Jim and Carole-Ann came wearing the wedding dress and tuxedo that they last put on back in 1966, and looked absolutely radiant. 50 years ago, the couple celebrated their honeymoon in Malta. Now, they’re considering going on a second honeymoon to Turkey. We’re sure we speak for everyone when we wish them happiness for the rest of their lives.


Here, the happy couple is pictured in their 50-year-old wedding clothes at their 50-year wedding anniversary, sharing a kiss. Jim and Carole-Ann Stanfield got married fifty years ago, and are still enjoying a happy marriage to this day. It seems like we could all learn a few tips from them!