This Dog Was Left Behind After His Family Moved Away, But Then A Stranger Came And Changed Everything

Moving day can be stressful for anyone, let alone a full family. Long before the moving van even shows up, there is always so much packing and organizing to be done. Sometimes, old belongings, clothes, and even dishware are donated or left behind to make room for new things. Generally speaking, however, a family pet always moves together with the family. Sadly, Boo the pitbull from Detroit didn’t get a new home when his family decided to pack up and move away.

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After the moving van had pushed off, the only things left on the curb were some garbage bags, an old mattress, and Boo. Yes, you got that right; Boo’s owners left him behind when they moved. With no owners to turn to and no house to come home to, Boo was left all alone to fend for himself. Boo curled up on the mattress, which his owners had left behind, and waited.

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A neighbor spotted Boo on the mattress but didn’t know what to do. Boo was a big pitbull, and the neighbor wasn’t able to care for him. The neighbor took a picture of Boo and posted it to Facebook in the hopes of finding his family or someone who would care for him. Luckily for Boo, someone saw the neighbor’s Facebook post and was ready to help.

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Mike Diesel works for the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue team. Mike happened to be on Facebook, just as Boo’s neighbor posted about the homeless dog. As a concerned pet-lover, Mike knew exactly what he needed to do. Mike gathered his belongings and rushed to be by Boo’s side. When Mike got to Boo, it was clear that the dog was scared and lonely. Mike sat by Boo’s side and waited for the dog to warm up to him.


When Boo finally warmed up to Mike, it was time for the two to leave the old mattress behind. Mike packed up Boo into his car and decided to take the dog straight to the vet. It was time to finally give Boo the love and care he so desperately deserved. With no previous medical records, and no dog tags Mike knew the importance of a vet checkup.


The vet gave Boo a full checkup. The dog was tired, hungry and sad but he was finally in good hands. The vet discovered that Boo had heartworms, which – luckily for Boo, can be treated with medication. Mike never found out who Boo’s original owners were, but that didn’t bother Mike. He had a new friend for life, and that was what mattered most.

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