150 Brands Join Hands to Save Forests and Improve Paper Supply Management

Many eco-friendly NGOs are working towards doing their bit to save the environment. While some are doing their bit to create awareness, others come up with different initiatives that help protect the environment while dealing with different kinds of wastes.

The Innovative Initiative by Canopy

Canopy is an NGO that has come up with an exciting campaign called Pack4Good. Through this initiative, the NGO is helping big names and brands like Marks and Spencer, Amazon, H&M, Gap, etc., to fulfill their responsibilities towards the environment. The idea of the campaign is to ensure that everyone should do their bit to save the forests and reduce the impact of the overall climatic changes.

Impact of Pack4Good on Industry Leaders

In her latest interview, Canopy’s Executive Director Nicole Rycroft highlighted the impact of Pack4Good on industry leaders. She quoted that this initiative is a perfect solution for leaders or companies with out-of-the-box concepts and initiatives. Although this campaign is relatively new, it has still caught the attention of many businesses and brands across various sectors.

Furthermore, she also mentioned that the NGO has other solutions as well that are in the pipeline and will be implemented soon. Moreover, the NGO works to ensure that this concept ventures into the mainstream while targeting every sized business.

Pack4good Connects Companies and Improves the Paper Supply Chain Practices

Another good thing about the campaign is that it offers B2B solutions. Through this campaign, companies can get in touch with providers of waste pulp material and packaging manufacturers. For example, Manufacturers can use wheat straws to make fibrous packaging material.

Companies can also improve their paper supply chain practices through this motive and get certified materials. The certification indicates that the packaging materials do not contain ancient, controlled, or endangered wood through the Ancient Forest Friendly stamp of approval.