This 86-Year-Old Woman Built a Front Yard Zoo to Cheer People Up

You probably don’t need us to tell you that people are finding things pretty hard at the moment. There are many who have lost their jobs, there are others who have lost loved ones, and most people are finding it tough to stay inside and social distance from their family members. Because of this, one 86-year-old woman knew that she had to at least try to put a smile on her neighbors’ faces – and that’s exactly what she did.

This 86-Year-Old Woman Built a Front Yard Zoo to Cheer People Up

A Sad Sight To See

Nancy Connor is 86 years old and hails from Pawtucket in Rhode Island. Because of the recent pandemic, Nancy has been spending more and more time in her house and looking out of her windows for a sense of normalcy. However, in doing this, she has noticed that the people around her neighborhood look pretty sad and worn out. She has stated that “I went through World War II, which was tough, but it’s nothing like what’s happening now. Everything is so sad.”

People Love Animals

The elderly woman didn’t like to see the people around her looking so morose, and so she vowed to do something. With her old age and her handicapped status, though, she didn’t know what she could do to cheer people up. In the end, she came up with a brilliant idea. Using her stimulus check, she purchased a whole load of stuffed animals to create her very own zoo in her front yard.

This 86-Year-Old Woman Built a Front Yard Zoo to Cheer People Up

Heading To The Zoo

With the help of a firefighter who also lives on her street, they were able to put together a whole front lawn that was full of exotic and wild animals. Although it wasn’t quite the zoo that most people were used to, Nancy was over the moon to see more and more people stop and stare at the zoo with each passing day.

This is the kind of zoo we’d love to visit.

23-Year Old Marcus Rashford Tops The Sunday Times Giving List

Manchester United star player Marcus Rashford became the youngest person to top The Sunday Times Giving List. Over the past year, the young England international became something of a hero to many Brits with his decision to face down the United Kingdom’s government proposal to cut expenses towards free school lunches.

Marcus Rashford celebrating after scoring a goal for Manchester United. Marcus Rashford Used His Reputation to Benefit Others

Having experienced hunger as a child, Rashford knew very well that disadvantaged children rely on school lunches for a healthy daily calorie intake. His persistent lobbying against the government’s proposal got United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to turn on the Conservative Party and allocate $240 million for free food vouchers from last November through the summer of 2021.

Rashford helping with food distribution at a food bank.

In response to his valiant stand, Marcus Rashford was given the Professional Footballers Merit Award and was recommended by the Prime Minister to receive an MBE (Member of the British Empire).

Donations made by the forward, and by people inspired by his actions to combat food poverty, generated an estimate of $28 million, which gave him a “Giving Index” ranking of 125% of his personal net worth, which is around $23 million.

Even His Rivals Acknowledged His Actions

Marcus Rashford was highly praised by many notable individuals, including Liverpool F.C. midfielder and England national team captain, Jordan Henderson. The latter, who ranked sixth on The Sunday Times Giving List, spoke highly of his younger teammate’s actions and pointed out that Rashford’s battle against food poverty gave kids a voice who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

Jordan Henderson greeting the crowd after a Liverpool match.

The Manchester United player was humbled by his nomination for an MBE and shared with reporters that he would have never thought that a young Black man from Wythenshawe would get such an honor.

2021 can turn out to be ever greater for Rashford as he is part of England’s squad for the 2020 European Championship, which many pundits believe that the English team could end up winning.